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May 07, 2018

Everyone NEEDS something. We NEED air to breathe, food to eat, and our body to be as healthy as possible to preserve the youth in us to be great in everyday life as we age. Living creatures are loyal to their needs more than anything so they are going to do everything possible to obtain what they need to "survive".

Everyone WANTS something. We WANT a new car, a new house, a million dollars, a million followers on social media, a new job, a It is very difficult to obtain what you want as easily as it is to your needs. We want something so bad but we stop because we know the path to what we want is time consuming and/or it is just too complicated to do by yourself with minimal support.

I thought it was appropriate to talk about this based on what a guy I had the pleasure of networking with today was telling me about his relationship with his homegirl turned new wife today. He explained to me that he didn't NEED her. In my crazy, lil brain, when he said that I was like, "Well why did you marry her? TF..." But he broke it down for me because he stated that he has everything that is a necessity in his life right now (health, money, property, proper investments). And she has the same. Keep in mind that his woman makes more money than him and highly respected in corporate America. They understand the fact that they don't need one another for the necessities in life but since they want each other, they go HARD for one another with love and respect. He straight up told me that his woman can have anyone she wants but she wants him and she shows it daily. She treats him like he is a king and the feeling is mutual. They want each other the same. He also informed me that you have to want your goals the same way. If your necessities are met and there is something you want...GO FOR IT! You hear coaches tell their athletes all the time, "You gotta WANT it!"

I know everyone has probably heard this before but the way my dude spoke this to me made the light bulb go off in my head and gave me so much motivation.



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